AC 10x 26 Waterproof pocket compact binocular
B4 7x 35 binocular
FB series 8x 42 HR wildlife binocular
V70ST 20-60x 70 straight telescope
Visionary Linen Magnifier
Olivon TR189 tripod with TRH 11 bi-directional head
ID 10x 25 HR Compact Binocular
FZ 7x 50 waterproof ZCF binocular
Inara 7.5x 36 w/proof DCF binocular
Visionary M12 12x 50 W/proof Mini-scope
OH Window Pod for telescopes/cameras

Binoculars, Spotting 'Scopes, and more from The Binoculars Company.

Ostara, Visionary, Olivon, Kepler, and Far-Sighted brands form the core of a large range of Optics available on this site. The webshop lists an extensive range of compact binoculars, traditional binoculars, telescopes, magnifiers, and tripods, plus related accessories, for outdoor pursuits and indoor events, with a range of price points to suit every budget.

Dedicated to Vision

We supply binoculars for walking, garden wildlife, sports, and security. Our stock lines include standard wildlife binoculars, and marine models including compasses, through to small concert binoculars or sports models. You will find Magnifiers, Monoculars, Mini-scopes, and Telescopes, as well as a host of accessories from tripods, and hide clamps, to digi-scoping accessories like camera adaptors, tripod adaptors, and T2 rings. Astronomy accessories will form a new section from late 2011, and throughout the range we'll keep adding new lines.

Understanding binoculars

Magnification - the first figure quoted when describing a binocular. For normal, hand-held instruments this will be in the range of 3x up to 12x, the figures are derived from the focal lengths of the lenses & tube, but thinking in terms of being 3x to 12x closer to your subject should give you a handle on this.

7x and 8x binoculars will give you a wide, comfortable, steady view, 10x binoculars are more powerful, but still relatively comfortable and very popular, 12x binoculars give a lot of power, but are getting harder to hold steady.

The larger the binocular the better the definition (relative to the glass quality), the smaller the binocular the easier it is to have with you. 8x 42 (or40) and 10x 42 (or 40) are compromises very popular with wildlife watchers and make good general instruments. Telescopes can provide more power, where binoculars become impractical.

Need to know more - go to our Supplementary Information pages.

Binocular Manufacturers

We hope that you will find instruments to match all your requirements from the large stocks available here on our website. These include products from Ostara, Visionary, Olivon, Kepler, and Far-Sighted.

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